Monday, September 6, 2010

Dinner time! Tempura...and extra stuff.

This was the Tenichi Tempura Restaurant. This display case is outside the restaurant and is set up with....fake food! I had the set on the bottom left. It came with tempura (shrimp, fish, pumpkin, eggplant, bell pepper and squid!), rice with chopped tempura shrimp in a soy sauce base sauce, red miso soup, chawamushi (made of egg with mushroom, and this one had crab in it), salad with their house made dressing, and dessert came with the set as well! It was green tea ice cream with brown suger drizzled on top, I could have done without the brown suger, but that's alright, it was pretty. Everything was sooo good! My boyfriend and I didn't realize that dessert came with our set and had actually gone to the register to pay when one of the waitresses informed us of the included dessert. haha! Fine, if we must have dessert.