Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kanazawa, Japan: Ichiba Fish Market

 Welcome to Ichiba Fish Market!

 Grilled eel

 Many tourists come here to visit and families come here to buy dinner!

 Some salted and grilled fish

 Sweet Shrimp still in it's shell

 Many cases filled with crab

Whose up for fish on a stick?

 There are many places where you can eat fresh sushi! Of course each place varies in price and counter arrangement.

 Dried whole fish

Whole dried squid!

This is a well known fish market, although it may not be as famous as Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, or as big. If you decide to visit Kanazawa, which I highly recommend, there is a traditional Japanese garden. I think it may be the biggest one with all the traditional features of Japanese gardens, it's called Kenrokuen Garden. I've been there a couple years ago and it's beautiful. I didn't visit on this trip, but if I can find some decent photos from my previous trip I will post those as well.