Friday, November 25, 2011

Osaka, Japan: Umeda Station

This is Umeda Station in Osaka!

 The various escalators going down to the platforms.

 This is the sky bridge area that connects the 3 different buildings together, or at least I think it was 3 buildings it could have been four.

 This is a view from the opposite side of the train platforms. There these huge plexiglass windows that caused these glares in the photos, sorry about that! But, sometimes it gave off reflections like in this photo! You can see the reflection of the clock tower. The face of the clock tower is more visible in the reflection than when I was actually looking at it! (see below)

 See, it's difficult to read the face of the clock.

 They were trying to decide what we should do for dinner when they caught me taking a picture.

I liked this view of the escalators. It looks like they are criss-crossing each other. Also, in Japan most people stand inside of walking down or up the escalators like this.

After this we did a little more shopping and then enjoyed dinner at a Spanish restaurant. I know we are in Osaka and instead of eating Okonomiyaki we ate Spanish food, but you know what it was really good! Makes me look forward to my vacation in December!!! Of course, I will go into more detail about that when the time comes.

For now, this was my visit to Osaka for the day. We also had our pictures taken in a Purikura booth! The photo booth makes you look good and you can make your eyes look huge! I will post those photos next!