Saturday, November 19, 2011

Osaka, Japan: First Views of Dotonbori

 Welcome to Dotonbori! There's plenty of places to eat, shop and it's packed full of people!

 The group trying to find the Takoyaki restaurant that we decided to eat at.

 Shopping arcades are popular in Japan. Perfect for shopping even when it is raining! The only problem is when you come to a stoplight, because there is no cover getting from one side to the other. Many people were dashing across the street, when it turned green of course.

 In Osaka, Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki is very popular! There are MANY restaurants serving these two types of food and there are very few horrible restaurants. So have no fear and step into any restaurant along these streets!

 One of the reasons we came to Osaka was for shopping at H&M! In Nagoya, we don't have an H&M which is a real bummer. This H&M is 4 stories, 3 stories for women and the top floor for men! Oh happy shopping!

 Kaaru is a very good puffed corn snack! The best flavor is the cheese or curry flavor! I did try a raayu flavored one and that was pretty good! It has the texture of puffed cheetos, but without such a strong cheese flavor.

 So this is a bridge that is famous in Osaka and everyone isn't taking a picture of just the view, but of........

This Glico sign!

This sign is famous in Japan. Maybe it's because it's a funny looking sign, maybe because it's so big, or maybe it's because it has been here for so long. For whatever reason this sign is famous and when people visit (mostly Japanese people) they take a photo of this sign. Many like to pose in front of the sign. Of course, on a nice day the view of the river is lovely, but who wants to see that? lol