Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Osaka, Japan: Vietnamese Cafe Restaurant Angon

I had a mango smoothie like drink. It had real mango's in it! So thick I had to use a spoon!


Real fruit right there!

Some fun masks for their decoration.

I really liked these dolls they had in the cafe window. Very cute!

While we were at the cafe we planned where to go next. Since we came for shopping we decided to go to Umeda Station and visit Osaka Station City. A building with MANY shops including Topshop! This was the first time I had ever set foot in a Topshop since I started hearing about this store from all over the place. Of course, Nagoya doesn't have one since it takes forever for anything to come to Nagoya. Shockingly enough there is a Zara and United Colors of Benneton in Nagoya!

Message to Topshop "Open a store in NAGOYA next!!!", but then again it gives me an excuse to visit Osaka.....

We all bought something at Topshop. lol If you are interested in shopping then Osaka is a good place to do that. At Umeda Station there is also a big department store called Daimaru which has some interesting stores as well!

Next, a look around the station!