Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kanazawa, Japan: Yasuke Sushi Restaurant, The Last of the Food

 Grilled Eel with Cucumber, this is how it is normally served here. But,........

 He cut one so I could easily take a picture of it! He even wrapped the seaweed differently so it would look beautiful in a photograph!

 Here is the Anago, a different type of Eel. It is grilled on a (I think) Konbu leaf.

 He cuts and folds the Anago very artfully.

 Adding the finishing touches to the Anago

 Here is the finished and ready to eat Anago! You eat it just like this since there is salt on it.

 This is Sardines (Aji) soaking in some kind of marinade.

 This is the sardine after it has finished marinading and minus the bones and skin.

 This is the final dish, Negi toro! Roughly chopped tuna with thinly sliced onions!
Again, this is the photo ready version. Usually it comes looking like......


It's easier for me to eat these cut, but traditionally they are eaten as one roll.

Now, I'm going to go raid my refrigerator for some food that isn't going to cure my sushi craving...

Up next, photos from my trip to Osaka! Lots of food and shopping!