Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kanazawa, Japan: Yasuke Sushi Restaurant, The Food!

The miso soup

Working at full speed

 The sushi masters' deshi, he is slowly being taught the ropes. He is allowed to do more things than 2 years ago! He can now prepare or finish some of the dishes!

The squid. Unbelievably soft and easy to eat! No soy sauce needed!

 Lightly grilled tuna

 Zuke Tuna, tuna marinated in soy sauce for about 20 minutes

This is what he was preparing in the bowl.

 Look at the perfectly layered food! It's rice topped with seaweed, soy sauce marinated tuna, grated Nagai potato, sea urchin and wasabi!

A block of fatty tuna!!!!

Up next, There are still a few more items from the menu that I have to show you!