Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kanazawa, Japan: Lots Of Fresh Seafood, Fruits and Vegetables

 A case full of fresh seafood!

 I have to say I was surprised when I saw whale meat for sale. I have not met someone who says they like whale meat. It doesn't look like it would be flavorful. Truthfully, to me this looks like the blubber part of the whale is the "meat". But, I guess in this area there is enough of a demand for a little whale meat to be sold. Of course, I only saw whale meat at this one shop.

Milling around the various stores shopping for the evenings dinner.

 I would buy this except maybe it's just a little too much for two people to eat.......just maybe

 They offer samples at some stores to get you interested in their products. I would like to say it didn't work on me, but I would be lying. I bought some shrimp and squid that went really well with rice. Sato bought wasabi Octopus and a different version of the squid.

Everything tasted amazingly delicious!

 Scallops anyone?

 Sweet Shrimp!

 Very fragrant mushrooms! Tasted great when they are made into tempura!

 Lots fruits!

I bought two of these pears. They were huge and heavy, but very sweet!

 Many varieties of mushrooms are available.

 If my memory serves me correctly this was some kind of potato.......

Mini eggplants!

 So many crab legs..........I don't know whether to think this would be delicious or if this is a


Still have some more pictures left of the fish market, some more seafood, but there were some great store signs as well!