Thursday, November 17, 2011

Osaka, Japan: Using the Kintetsu Line

 On our way to Osaka we had the opportunity to ride a double decker train! It was older, but it had group seating! It's on the lower level so......

you have to go down some stairs and then you have a big bench and a small one around the corner. Plus a table for eating. Of course, you can only eat if you buy food from a kiosk or convenience store before getting on the train, which we didn't know. We had gotten used to the Shinkansen where they offer food and drinks for sale on carts. In other words we were hungry for the 2 hour ride to Osaka and drooling over our guidebook which had pictures of delicious looking food!

 Since we were on the lower level we had a view of the platform while we were sitting at the station.

 We were able to see all these feet walking past our window. Or in this man's case running past our window. I guess he was in a hurry.

 Now, for the views from our window as we made our way to Osaka! The sky is grey, because apparently I like to travel when there is a high chance of rain. (T-T)

I was travelling with 3 friends. Mayuka is on the left, Makiko is on the right and my third friend is Emily. At this point she was sitting next to me, so she wasn't in this shot. She is in the very first photo though! This was at the beginning of the train ride so we were all interested in the view.

At this point most of us starting discussing what we wanted to do first when we got to Osaka.....of course EAT! We just had to figure out what to eat and then where to eat it.

This train didn't stop very often, but it did stop about 4 times. This was the first stop on our way to Osaka!

In the next post, I will show you some photos of Osaka. This train dropped us off at Namba station so we were close to Dotonbori, it's the name of the area and is famous for having the Glico sign....don't worry I will show you a photo!