Monday, June 4, 2012

Around Kasumiga Pond: Kenrokuen Gardens

 "Look! There are Koi fish in the pond!"
The Koi fish were huge from being well fed and as soon as they see people they come to the edge of the pond and do a fish version of begging.

 The Karasaki Matsu Tree, as I mentioned earlier do not leave this garden without stopping by to see this tree.

 I saw this guy really appreciating the view of the gardens. He took his time to just enjoy the view, unlike me shooting away with my camera and wandering from one place to another to find a more interesting shot. What's interesting is that there were more people moving around for a good photo than just appreciating the view like this man. With a camera in hand I just couldn't stop myself from taking photos of every beautiful view I had.

 Here is a view of the Karasaki Matsu Tree from ground level. You can see the beams holding up the branches as it extends over the pond.

 An island in the middle of the pond.

A Kotoji Lantern, well-known for the 2 legs, to represent a koto's bridge.