Saturday, June 16, 2012

Walking Course #1 : Lunch at Atsuta Horaiken

I got to sit on the second floor and had nice window to look out of. Of course, I was sitting on the floor so I could only see up. lol

The great news is this place has an English menu. Yes, there are some spelling issues, but it's easy to understand and the pictures look good enough to eat!

Nagoya is many famous foods and one of them is the Hitsumabushi! Just a warning I didn't eat it here, because it is a lot of food and I can't eat that much! I didn't want to waste the food so I took pictures of the useful directions for you and of the grilled eel lunch set that I did order!

Even if you decide not to eat the Hitsumabushi and order the regular grilled eel there is the option to get the large size. It's where they give you a little more eel for those of you with a healthy appetite!

I highly recommend eating here! The sauce is wonderful! The grilled eel practically melts in your mouth and the charcoal has flavored the eel perfectly! This set came with soup, rice and some tsukemono. Tsukemono is pickled vegetables that go really well with rice! Oh, how I could go for some of this eel again!

Just to make sure you understand you WILL have to wait to get in, but the staff is very friendly (with one that greeted me in English) and the service is great! This restaurant is very much worth the wait, so much so that afterwards you won't even remember the waiting part. (I only remembered, because I had to for your benefit)

Here is one of the main entrances to Atsuta shrine and where the other eel restaurant is. I guarantee you that on weekends this one is much more crowded just because of its vicinity to the shrine. There is usually a line of cars going around the block just to get into the parking lot.

I'm sure both places are delicious since they are talked about so much, so it's up to you about which restaurant you want to visit. Enjoy!