Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Yagoto Neighborhood Walkin Course; Nagoya, Japan

 Most of this walk was through a quiet area. There wasn't too many cars or shops. Closer to the station there are some shops and the "Buratto: Osanpo Ko-su" guidebook does take you past some cafes and restaurants. But, for the most part it is peaceful.

 Residential streets

 This is the Showa Museum of Art. I didn't have a chance to go in on this day, but maybe on a different day.

 This road follows along a river that, unfortunately, didn't have any fish or turtles.

 I stopped for lunch at Samadei coffee shop. It's run by a friendly old couple. The food is cheap and the service is friendly. It has a old mom and pop feel to the cafe.

 This lunch bento was recommended to me. It was made to be on the healthy side. Although, vegetable tempura might be negating the healthy factor, but oh well it was good. The big piece of melon in the small sake glass kept tipping over, so I got lucky with this photo of it standing.

 The miso soup was very good!

The lunch set came with a selection of drinks. I chose the iced coffee and it came in this copper cup! I kind of wanted to take it home.....just because it was copper.