Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yagoto, Japan: Walking Course #2 at White Beard Shrine (Shirohige Jinja)

These Irises aren't in the best of shape, but I liked how they had designed the pond. With tall green leaves surrounded by rocks and then water, it's my image of a pond.

This very narrow walkway is a public walkway! It's at the end of a dead end, but I saw a few people walk through here (originally I thought it was someones' house that they were visiting, but there were just too many people walking through here). I walked up to the pathway and saw that it led between the houses.

I ended up at this shrine. I wonder if it's a good thing that people constantly walk through this shrine to reach the street....

I just happened to notice this bars sign, because instead of "Jazz & Drinks" it says "Jazz & Booze".

I'm not sure what this is. It sits above the coin box. Any ideas?

This is called the "Shirohige Shrine" or "White Beard Shrine".

Lots of fox figurines at this shrine!