Friday, June 8, 2012

Giant Matsu Tree: Kenrouken Gardens

 You can understand just how big this tree is by looking at the people in the background. Granted they are not right next to the tree, but even if they were standing by the roots (which you are NOT allowed to do) they would barely reach the main knots of the roots.

This Pine tree is ENORMOUS! Of course, I have never been to the Red Wood Forest in California, but I imagine they would have some competition with this tree on who is bigger.

 A fallen, almost whole, cherry blossom on the....moss?? It's not grass I know that much...I think, I hope.

 This was part of a walkway in the garden.
Here is a full view of the tree that I was talking about above. I had to get a little ways away in order to get all of it in one frame! But it's beautiful, isn't it?