Sunday, June 24, 2012

Atsuta Shrine: The Main Shrine

This is back at the pond with all the turtles and Koi fish.

I thought this couple taking a break on the bench was very cute. I think this is one of the nicer places to stop and relax at.

The 1,300 year old tree!

It is enormous and protected by special prayers to continue its life. Can you imagine the different things this tree may have been around for?

If only trees could talk....

I think this woman worked here and part of the ritual is to bow as a greeting to the work day......or I'm making stuff up out of thin air which would mean I am completely wrong. If someone knows the right answer please fill me in! I just saw this woman wearing a sash and hanging around the inside after she bowed.

This is the most popular place for people to come, bow their heads and say a prayer.

I wonder what people pray most for.....

Even from far away you understand just how big the 1,300 year old tree is.

There's always this gap on the side of the Torii gates, but very rarely do you see people walking around the gate. The majority of people walk under the gate.