Sunday, June 10, 2012

Walking Course #1 near Atsuta Shrine

 Recently, I was trying to think of interesting places to go to take photos around Nagoya. Now, Nagoya isn't known for having a lot of interesting sites, but there are a lot of neighborhoods. A friend of mine introduced me to a walking course guidebook called "Buratto Osanpo Ko-su". There are guidebooks for many different cities and I picked one up for Nagoya.

 It has 30 different walking courses to choose from so it was difficult to choose where to go first. I finally decided to follow the course that would lead me to Atsuta Shrine since I hadn't visited this shrine yet. (Don't ask me why, after living in Nagoya for about 2 years already, I hadn't been there yet.)

 The course started at Jingu Nishi Station and led me into a park like area. I saw a groups of people using the public grounds for an early game of "Japanese cricket"......Okay that probably isn't the name of the game, but that is the best way I can describe it. If anybody knows, please let me know!

 This bridge was fairly new and gave a decent view over the river! I saw a few other people walking across and taking in the view and river.

 I was led through a park and past a University. I ran into some nice Obaachan's walking in the other direction. As is the custom I slightly bowed my head and said "konnichiwa" as I past by......Of course, whenever I do this I don't think anybody can hear me except me since I get so quiet at times like these.

 I saw this place and I'm not sure what it is. My first impression was that it is a cafe or restaurant since I saw people sitting inside the window and chatting. The next time I come back I will have to investigate further, but my goal today was to complete my course and NO sidetracking! Otherwise, I would never finish! I liked the design of their logo so I snapped a shot of it.

I peeled myself away from Slow Food's and continued on to end up walking along this path! I had to say it was pleasant to find myself walking in the shade. Also, I remembered to spray myself down with mosquito repellent so I wasn't eaten alive here. Another thing that I recommend is to take a small extra bottle of mosquito repellent since if you walk during the summer months you will need to reapply periodically with all the sweating you will do.....I did (-_-;)