Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kenrokuen Gardens: The Karasaki Matsu Tree

 There are many pathways in the Kenrokuen Gardens since it is a huge garden!

 The sound of the stream running under your feet as you cross the bridge adds to the atmosphere of the garden. I don't know about anyone else, but I think it does help to relax and feel calm.

 Don't get too close to the edge of this bridge, because there are no rails to save you!....of course it isn't that far of a drop, but you would get wet and, if at times, you aren't so coordinated like me then you may end up with a scrape and bruise or two when you land.

 I liked that the steps went along with the natural incline of the path.

 A young tree growing along the lake side.

 Here's the Karasaki Matsu Tree! The branches of this pine tree extends out from the tree like tendrils. They are so long that there are beams to help support its weight. Otherwise, they would probably be in the water instead of above. If you visit the Kenrokuen Gardens you do not want to miss this tree!

 Above the Karasaki Matsu Tree.

I'm not sure why there are coins in here.....or stuffed into the crevices of the stone pagoda....but I   think it's either to make a wish or to hope to return to the gardens again.