Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Walking Course #1 to Atsuta Shrine Continued

On my walking course I came across this garden. I was tempted to stop inside, but as I mentioned in my previous post, my goal was to finish the course and not get sidetracked. Although, I will definitely be coming back to this garden since it seemed like there weren't that many people here. And if it is good enough for wedding photos I think it would be good enough to pay a visit!

You can see the photographer perfecting the brides outfit for her photos.


 The course brought me back to the river side and I noticed these pictures in the railing! I thought it was a nice idea to add some scenes that used to be seen on the river. It doesn't seem like any boats go up or down this river anymore, but I can imagine that a long time ago, they did.

 They even had a replica of a boat that you could have seen floating on the river!

 If you need to stop and rest there are benches along the way. Although, there are a lot of birds in the area so I'm not sure if you would want to risk stopping under the trees. The bird songs were beautiful to listen to.

 A fountain with the water washing down.

This lantern was placed in the same fountain as the previous photo.

By this point I was getting very thirsty, but the good news is there were plenty of vending machines along the way! I was able to find about 5 just in the vicinity of this fountain.