Monday, July 2, 2012

Yagoto in Nagoya, Japan: A Shrine With Many Torii Gates

 A dragon dispensing water.

 The shrine.

 Here the pegs had little ornaments on them. I think this is supposed to be a fox wearing clothes. The other type was of a woman in a similar outfit, but different colors.

 Multiple Torii Gates.

 Torii gates with the donors names on them.

 Main entrance into the area for prayers. What's cute is that on the coin box someone left inari skins which is deep fried tofu skins. Shrines with foxes are referred to as Inari Shrines, the Inari God has fox messengers who listen to people's prayers and bring them to the Inari God.

 A peek inside the ceremony hall through an open window.

 The ceiling had all these pictures of birds and flowers on them. This was exactly the view I had from the window, the photo isn't upside-down.

 One small corner of the ceremony hall.