Monday, July 16, 2012

Nagoya, Japan: A Glimpse in the Jail Cells

The marble staircase

The wall paper and the curtains had this same print. I guess the interior designer really liked this print or it was instyle back then.

The courtyard is very bland and most of the building is made of bricks, but some of the details that you can see inside is really something.

I wonder who used to look out of that little round window...if anybody did.

On the upper floors there were other people walking around, but down here I was the only one. I could only stay for a few mintues, because I felt extremely uncomfortable down here. Mainly, because I was thinking of some of the horrible things that some people probably had to go through back in the day when these jail cells were still being use.

Very tight quarters for one person. There was one big room for groups of people to be placed inside, but it wasn't that much bigger from this one. Maybe it was the fact that I was down here on my own that creeped me out and it didn't help that it was cooler down on this floor.

Other than the depressing jail cells on the basement floor this building was very interesting. For people interested in architecture or historical architecture I would suggest you stop by here. It doesn't take long to get here from Higashi Ote station and looking around the building is very quick too.