Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Owariseto Walking Course in Nagoya, Japan

 This was one of the first views that I encountered after coming out of the train station.

 This area is a little more out in the countryside so there are a lot of old buildings, like this one. Of course, there are others that are much older and in much worse condition.

 Ceramics is famous in this area. This store is one of the first stores that I came across and it was one of the cheaper ones. On top of that the owner was giving a 10% discount to most of the basic items!

 This is the shopping arena. A lot of the shops have closed or are dedicated to the needs of the elderly people in the area. The shopping arena on the other side of the river has more stores that are fun and more interesting for tourists to browse through.

Post office sign.

 Here's one of the many shutters with a painting on it. In the following posts I will show the rest. There were some beautiful shutter paintings.

 Just a knick knack store, but I liked the horseshoes on the sign.

I'm not really religious, but there was a random church out here and I had to take a photo. The sky was beautiful this day and it was perfect for taking a photo.