Monday, November 12, 2012

Houto Noodles and Lavender Ice Cream at Lake Kawaguchi

 Here is the Houto noodles that I mentioned in the previous post. As you can see there are a lot of  vegetables in the hot pot.

 There was a little bit of Japanese pumpkin, Japanese radish, fried tofu, tofu, carrots, green onion and of course we can't forget the flat udon noodles!

 For me this was a lot of food. I couldn't finish the soup, but I did eat everything else. I was so full for a long time.

 These 3 guys are famous in Japan. I'm sorry, but I can't remember their names. I do know that the guy in the middle has a show where he goes to different places in Japan to try foods that are famous for being really delicious. His catch phrase is "Maaaayuu!", which is his way of saying it is very delicious. Don't worry in Japan his show is a hit and it is very funny when he says it.

 Here you can buy lavender ice cream. I know it sounds really weird, but it actually tastes very good. Many people line up to buy lavender ice cream. Of course, they have vanilla and a few other flavors for those less adventurous with ice cream flavors.

 There were 2 ladies working in here since there are so many people that want to eat ice cream. I'm not sure how busy they are in the winter, but then again I think we want to eat ice cream any time of the least I do.

I was so full from lunch, so my mother and I decided to share an ice cream cone. We decided we weren't going to be too adventurous. We ordered grape and vanilla ice cream. Don't worry the grape flavor wasn't too strong. It was a very light hint of grape that it was refreshing!