Monday, July 18, 2011

Lan No Yakata: The Continuation of the Orchid Garden....Part II

 I loved the detail on this pot.

 This is actually looking through the back of one of the two chairs in the previous post. I liked how it feels like I am looking through a fence and into someone's garden.

 I would love to own a hanging planter that is this ornate. Now, if only I had a place to hang a planter then I would actually try to find this kind of planter. But, since I don't I won't even tempt myself.

 Does anyone have a garden like this in their backyard? It just has such a homey feel, very comforting.

 There was some random statues at this garden. I think the curator or owner likes frogs.....just a guess and you will see more frogs in the following posts. (frog statues, not real frogs)

 I couldn't resist taking a picture of this statue. It's so random and awesome!

I still have some more photos left from the Orchid Garden that I would like to show you. Please watch out for the next post! (^-^) y