Sunday, July 31, 2011

Only In Nagoya, Japan: World's Largest Solar Planetarium

Welcome to Nagoya's Planetarium! At the moment it is the largest in the world!

I love the green walls here.

The underside of the planetarium

You can now understand just how big the planetarium is. Look at the guy sitting at the bench and then the's HUGE!

The green wall...

This is at Shirakawa Park. It is in front of the planetarium. They had this beautiful fountain and cool tile work!

Try not to get wet!

It was a hot day, perfect for a day at the park. Especially since many kids are on summer vacation now. Parents need places to take their kids!

Inside the science museum they had a lot of floors. Each one had a theme. One floor had push the lever and bubbles form in the goo and they combine into one like in this picture. What it means....I'm not really sure. Can anyone enlighten me?

The room that makes you feel off balanced thanks to the floor tilting and these stripes. It was a weird feeling at first, until  you get used to it.

This must be Godzillas view on Japan....

The formations of a tornado....

There was some construction work going on.  It kind of distracted from the beautiful view, but as long as you don't look straight down like this you can somewhat ignore it. I couldn't figure out what they are building down there. Hopefully, it will add to the view!

Looking out towards the  Nagoya Art Museum. We actually went to see the Rembrandt exhibit on the same day. I have only a few pictures, because you aren't allowed to take pictures in the museum. Something about flashes deteriorating the pictures....what if we don't use a flash? What happens? Why can we take pictures in American Museums, but not in the Japanese museums. Can someone tell me why? Is it only for the museum to make money off people like me who buy the postcards for memorabilia since I can't take a photograph? (I would buy a postcard even if I could take a photograph!)

If want to visit the planetarium it is near the Shirakawa Park! It is fairly easy to get to and it is tough to miss the giant planetarium.