Friday, July 8, 2011

Tanabata......Wishing On A Star

 July 7th is known as Tanabata or the day to make a wish on a star! They say that you are supposed to write your wish and then tie it onto a bamboo branch and if it is a clear night then your wish will come true.....well it's raining here so I guess that means my wish isn't going to come true.....sad (T - T) Here is some pictures of other peoples wishes or statements in some cases. Of course, most of it is in Japanese.

 "I wish that we will get along better"

Hmmm, Is this person Thankful for sleeping children on the plane or that they wish children will always sleep on the plane?

 There were a few stars that were from people who came from some place other than Japan. It was pretty cool how international these stars were.

"Don't give up Japan!"

 So these are my wishes, yeah that's right I said wishES plural.

 My friend, Mels', wish.

Wishes from elementary school kids.

 This person wishes to be like a very famous talk show host in Japan named Tamori-san. If you are in Japan and watch T.V. during the week at 12pm-1pm there is a show called "waratte iitomo" and they want to be like the host of that show.......

I wish I could translate these for you, but unfortunately I can't read most of the Kanji that was used. If anybody can translate any of these please post a comment or comments! I found a lot of drawings on the stars that were pretty awesome and I will post those at a later date. For now, I hope you enjoyed Tanabata Day and tell me what's your wish?

Happy Wishes!