Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lan No Yakata: An Orchid Garden In Nagoya, Japan...Part III

 I loved the sunlight on the chair. It reminded me of sitting in the cool shade on a hot summer day.

 This plant is called Antelope Ears....I think....it just reminds me of something from a Ghibli movie.....

 Here is another frog carving,,,,,it's a little scary though....

 Maybe you will be able to tell in the next picture that I took with my flash...

 Do you agree? My friend noticed the teeth on this frog....Do frogs have teeth? and if they do are they this sharp?....If they do and they are this sharp, I am going nowhere near a frog ever again!

 haha this is awesome and the thing is the name is very fitting for this plant. See the next picture to see what I am talking about.

 Say Hello to the Dracula plant!

I still more pictures to come of the various flowers and plants in this garden. There was also an outside garden that I would like to show you as well!