Monday, July 25, 2011

Some New Friends In Nagoya

 This little kitty was sooooo cute!! Please meet Tia! I gave her some water and a little food and she fell asleep in my lap. Luckily, she belonged to someone already or Monta would have been one unhappy cat that day.

 One of the other cats at the house. This is Kiitan or Aatan...I can't remember which. One has blue eyes and the other has yellow eyes.Yes, they are VERY big kitties!

 Um.....Can I help you?

 The tail of one of the big kitties. They had funky short stubby tails....according to the owner it's natural.

 What I'm not doing anything with your bag...I'm just *sniff* *sniff*mmmm...sorry, you were saying?

These pictures were taken at Minakos' friends' house. This was where I borrowed the Yukata from and the nice lady that lives here knows how to dress people in a Yukata and offered to help me! That"s why my Yukata looked very well put together in this link here