Saturday, July 9, 2011

Origami and Japanese Paper Plus Really, Really Small Stamps

I found these at a little bookstore/stationary/random object store. I loved these the second I saw them. The cats, obviously, because I love cats and the origami paper was just awesome!

The origami came in 2 different colors. One set is on the right and the other is on the left. I didn't actually use it for any paper folding. I used them for a little project that I have been working on. I did more cutting than folding. I will share that project, or maybe projects, at a later date.

This paper is actually stationary and I used it to write to my family. I hope they liked it! I added a little something extra at the bottom, which I will show you in the next photo.

What do you think? I decided to add a little color to the last page of my letters to add a little color. Also, it singled the end of my letter!

I also found this mini stamp set at the same store. There were a few different sets, but this was the most useful one. I always need to say `Thank you' to someone somewhere.

The store had a LOT of variety for this stationary set. I had a hard time choosing just one. There was one with goldfish, one with penguins, one with bears, etc. If I could I would have loved to show all of them!

Happy Letter Writing!