Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Festival in Minato-ku Nagoya, Japan....Part II

 Bon odori, a traditionl Japanese festival dance

These three guys were very into their role of getting the crowd excited about their omikoshi, it's part of a the festival to watch these carriage type floats pulled or carried down the road. One of the most famous festivals in Japan is the Gion festival in Kyoto. The festival is huge, but so are the crowds. If you really want to see a full blown festival I suggest visiting Kyoto during the summer when they have a festival going on. Just a warning, but be prepared for a massive crowd....maybe like what Mardi Gra used to be like in Louisiana... minus the drunken-ness of college students.Otherwise if you are like me you can't stand that much of a crowd and so I recommend visiting a local festival.during the summer. I hope you enjoyed the various floats at this festival.

Watch out for the post about the fireworks!